allows you to record something interesting from your terminal and share it to your followers.

It is almost the same thing as YouTube but for plain text shellcasts. You can copy and paste everything you see.

Quickstart on Linux

  • PPA for Ubuntu (Oneiric, Precise)
  • Package for Debian (sid, wheezy) sudo apt-get install shelr
  • PKGBUILD for Arch Linux yaourt -S shelr
  • ebuild for Gentoo
  • Package for NixOS nix-env -i ruby-shelr

Via rubygems

Install ruby and rubygems for your distribution

[sudo] gem install shelr
shelr record

Quickstart on OSX

Install ruby and rubygems

Install ttyrec via homebrew

brew install ttyrec

Install shelr

gem install shelr
shelr backend ttyrec
shelr record


Mailing List:

IRC: #shelr at

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Code is on GitHub

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